Our Facilities

Student Housing/Accommodation:

If you wish, to arrange for accommodations, you may contact the Primrose Student Residences at http://www.torontostudentresidence.com/. On the other hand, you may also choose to rent a room in a private home or rent an apartment on your own, or with a group of students.

Career Counseling:

Our Career Counselors work with Canadian Career College graduates to integrate their recognized job skills and their previous education with their newly acquired skills. Each student who attends Canadian Career College has a different work and educational background, and so each person requires individual counseling on what best suits his or her personal goals regarding employment. This support is provided upon successful completion of the program and is valid for twelve months after the end date of a course.

Guest Lectures:

It is very important for IT students to keep abreast of the latest technology. Canadian Career College regularly organizes free lectures on subjects of relevance in the growth of information technology. Experts in different areas of IT deliver these lectures where you can obtain a lot of knowledge in just a few hours. We want our students to leave us with the most recent knowledge available and to consider Canadian Career College an important resource to life long learning.

Training Facilities:

Our training facilities are networked with many kinds of servers (for example: Exchange Server, Web Server, Database Server, Proxy Server, and, SMS Server) and network devices (routers and hubs). All our computers are equipped with high-speed Internet access (ISDN). In addition, our student's web projects may be hosted on our servers.

Course materials and books:

At the beginning of each course, students will receive a course outline, a list of on-line resources, and a list of the software used in the course. In each class, students will also receive, when applicable, the required textbook.

Library and Practice labs:

Canadian Career College has a library of hardware and software manuals for the products we use, along with copies of required and recommended training manuals. The school also subscribes to various technical magazines and periodicals to help students stay abreast of new technologies. These are available for student use in house at any time during our office hours.

While enrolled in any course at Canadian Career College, our students have unlimited practice time in our lab rooms with full time internet access facilities.