Immigration Regulations

Studying in Canada requires a "Student Authorization". After being accepted by an institution for a program of study in Canada, the student should apply for a student authorization at the nearest Canadian High Commission.

To ensure the processing of your papers are completed before classes begin, it is recommended that you file your application at least 3 months prior to the start of classes.

In order to apply for student authorization you usually need the following documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Student Authorization Application, and Visa Application (* if visa is required).
  • An original letter of acceptance from Canadian Career College
  • Receipt of Application Processing fees and Tuition Deposits paid to Canadian Career College.
  • Evidence of adequate funds to cover the living costs for you, including return transportation, tuition fees, insurance fees etc..
  • If applicable, a letter from your sponsor
  • Letters of references from two dependable persons in your community.
  • A medical examination by a doctor designated by the Canadian High Commission. The immigration officer will provide information regarding this.

Check List of Documents

  • Completed Official Application Form and $250 application processing fee.
  • Official Academic Transcripts certified by a high school official or a university/college official. Transcripts must bear the institution's seal and signature (if applicable). Non-certified copies or student copies are not acceptable.
  • Attested copies of all certificates/diplomas/degrees attained.
  • Official Transcripts in native language and certified English translation if applicable.
  • Copies of Confidential Report from your two references.
  • Signed Statement of Financial Support. (This cannot be more than six months old).
  • Supporting Bank documentation indicating a minimum of Can $10,000 available (After paying full tuition fees of the institute, refer chart for more clarity) for one year Diploma program. Bank documentation must show equivalent dollar amount and should not be more than six months old. All bank documents must be original.
  • Three Passport size signed photographs.
  • Certified Copy of Passport.