Student Accommodation

We understand your excitement to study in Canada, and also understand about the worries of you and your parents for a comfortable stay, that will allow you to concentrate on your studies.

Our Home Stay Co-ordinator will help you to settle down with the right environment and persons, possibly with a similar family background as yours…

Other possibilities include:
English family to improve your international culture;
A group of other students to learn and enjoy together;
Or absolutely alone in single room accommodation for privacy and independency

Primrose Student Program:

Unlike traditional residences, the Primrose Residence Program offers shared and single accommodation to full time students with the added conveniences of home. Life in residence can be one of the most memorable aspects of a post-secondary education. Lifelong friendships, wonderful experiences and the day to day convenience of living minutes from campus are just some of the benefits of residence life at the Primrose. With a diverse student body made up of students from different schools and different years, residents not only have the chance to meet and expand friendships, but to gain insight from those in higher years. The Primrose Student Program is designed to provide students with an environment which balances educational and social programs to provide the ideal all around residence experience. Additional information is availble at: The Primrose Student Program is not affiliated with Canadian Career College; this information is provided to assist students with their accommodation needs.

For additional information related to accommodation please contact [email protected]